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Welcome to the archive website for the Scottish Continuous Recording System. SCORE is funded by the Scottish Government, who also took over its management from the Centre for Housing Research (CHR), earlier this year.

SCORE monitors new tenancies granted by registered housing associations and co-operatives in Scotland. More...


This website used to be the main online hub for SCORE submissions, publications and online reporting. It is presently maintained by CHR as an archive of data, reports and publications pertaining to all collection years up to and including 2011/12. Please note that SCORE submission for the 2011/12 collection year is now closed.

For the 2012/13 collection year onwards, you must use the new data collection website LOGASnet More...

If you have any problems using this website please contact the webmaster 

Site News

SCORE Annual Summary and Annual Digest (MS Excel tables) for the 2011/12 year are now available to download. Just select the relevant option from the Publications drop down menu on the blue navigation bar above.

SCORE FINAL Annual Tables based on the complete final dataset are now available as PDF documents, and Excel tables. To access your organisation's report, select Online Reporting from the Online Facilities tab on the blue navigation bar above, and login. Once logged into the system, choose Full Annual Tables from the Annual Tables tab.

SCORE Annual Strategic Summaries are now available! This report provides headline information for your organisation as well as national figures for benchmarking purposes and is available to view/download as a PDF from Online Reporting.